Minecraft Creations

Unfortunately the hard drive I had all my best screenshots, resource packs, and maps became corrupted sometime in late 2016, so the images below are what I had posted online from 2011 until present. 


A vast and dense city of sandstone in the middle of a massive desert. These screenshots were the only ones I could find of the long lost project my friend and I started on a server that was taken down without notice. 

The Continent of Sharkana

The Sharkana Lighthouse - Built sometime February 2012, this lighthouse had a working red stone and piston powered "spinning" light at the top. It was considerably difficult to fit the timing and piston mechanism in the small space in the roof of the lighthouse. 

On the open server I ran along with a friend of mine, we created a railway system that connected each landmark (such as the lighthouse seen above) and player’s base to a color coded network. The server itself had 16 active players. A player would have to “pay” the admins 1 diamond block to have their base added to the subway system. It didn't take long before all the players had a railway line and were using it frequently.

The Sidescroller Battleground

Inspired by classic sidescrollers like Super Mario Bros and Castlevania, I designed and built a "2D" battleground where players would spawn at either the top or the bottom of the map and would have to make their way to the opponent's side to capture their flag and bring it back to their chest to win.


The moon from Majora's Mask. The thing nightmares are made of.