Experimental Projects

Experiments I have produced using any combination of Maya, After Effects, Unreal Engine, Trapcode Form, or Photoshop.

CubeSpin (Rendered in Arnold for Maya)

CubeSpin2 (Rendered in Arnold for Maya)

Trapcode Test (After Effects, Trapcode Form)

Third Gate Studios Logo Animation (After Effects, Photoshop) 

Singe Logo Animation (After Effects, Photoshop)

Robotic Joint Toon Shader Test (Maya)

Hard Drive Logo Animation (After Effects, Photoshop)

Animation Experiments

Various fun, experimental projects I have worked on in my free time. I used a combination of Maya and After Effects to achieve these results. 

Poly Island

A low poly game environment designed in UE4 for a client. Assets and terrain modeled in Maya. 


School animation project from 2014.