About Me

Creating is a passion of mine that I enjoy doing everyday. I’m constantly challenging myself to find new ways to hone my creative and technical skills. 3D modeling, game design, industrial design, 3D printing, and metalworking are just a few of my many skills that I enjoy doing, I strive to learn even more everyday. I am extremely proficient at Maya, Photoshop and Illustrator and I work with these programs every day for work and for making digital art in my freetime. 

I’ve previously interned for four video game companies as an artist. I worked as a 3D artist at Third Gate Studios, creating assets for the title SOS:Atlas. Before that, I assisted Victorious Gaming as a freelance artist to create ads and promotional material for their daily League of Legends tournaments. At Techtonic Games I modeled and textured dozens of in-game 3D assets for the Bust-N-Rush title. At Snail Games USA I created promotional material and produced a trailer for the video game Ministry of War.

Recently I have done work for several companies alongside the CEO, Marketing Team, and Engineers to develop tangible products. I have created over a hundred photo realistic product renderings for their products as well as many promotional materials and web assets.